About us

Loyal customers & sustained growth is the by-product of great service.
With the combined knowledge of our highly experienced departments, we deliver a wide range of both maritime and multimode logistic services. Not only do we provide chartering services, but our expertise ranges across port agency, stevedore, survey, custom clearance, transhipment and storage.

Established in January 1976

GIS is a boutique Sudanese – family owned and operated company with decades in the business. We have become leading specialists in the provision of customised maritime logistic services. We focus on providing value added services centred on our customer’s specific needs.

Our customer base demands an outstanding level of service and with 40 years worth of experience we can guarantee maximised business potential. As seasoned experts in the business, GIS has proven the excellence and reliability of its services, resulting in the multimillion dollar enterprise you see today.

GIS has an operational, finance and management team specifically selected for their specialised and broad knowledge of the industry. For GIS the customer and their needs are at the epicentre of everything we do and our team strive to provide the highest levels of customer service. This matched with our attention to safety, security and compliance places us as the most trusted leaders in clearance, transport, stevedore and liner agents.

We work with current shipping rates, route information and customs clearance, to provide you with the most comprehensive information upon application to us.

GIS provides the optimal service for the freight terminal handling, meeting the interests of all involved in international shipping.

Our Vision

We aim to satisfy a market that demands quality service while also maintaining a steady growth and through the diversification of business activities we promise to provide a service that will sustain your company for years.


Our Mission

We are a company that puts the customer and their needs firstby offering quality services that provide the best compromise between cost, speed and reliability.


Our Values

– Respect and commitment to our clients’ interest.

– Pursue profitable and sustainable growth.

– Performance improvement.

– Responsible to the customers, staff & their families.

– Caring the environment and be socially responsible.

– Committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.


GIS’s management combines experience with young and dynamic personalities that have a vision to provide quality and prompt services. These principles are reflected in our motto “Quality Choice”. GIS applies the highest standards of ethics and integrity to all its operations. We have achieved this through the dedication and hard work of our team over the last 40 years.

Always striving to improve our services, we are happy to announce that we are venturing into passenger ferry service by mid of June 2030. As an example of our excellence we are also in the process of ISO certification, the benchmark for quality.