Consolidated Cargoes

A type of cargo to transport in combined lots consisting of single units and tare volumes

The Freight Consolidation Services for shipments are the cost effective way to transport low volume cargo. By grouping your shipment with others to fill a standard container, you avoid the cost of shipping an entire container on your own.


Cargo freight consolidation is more than a cost effective supply chain solution. The consolidated shipments receive the same benefits as full container load shipments with our world class logistics team, global network and local experts at every destination.


You don’t need to wait long for your cargo shipment. Our agents are to choose an optimal way of carriage. With Galal Ismail Shipping you’ll have even your most urgent order delivered on time. We arrange as well transportation by rail, road and air offering to select an optimal way of consolidated cargo carriage to perform its cost and time effective delivery.

Consolidated cargo carriage with Galal Ismail Shipping allows you to save funds through organization of cargo delivery. Orders for shipment of even small-sized goods are welcomed as well.

Hallmark of Service

  • Competitive rates
  • Cargo compatibility
  • Frequent as well as flexible schedules
  • Global shipping and forwarding network
“Door-to-door” delivery format makes the convenience of such way of carriage undeniable.