Ship Agent

Our objective as a shipping agency is to ensure the quickest turnaround
of the vessel in port at the lowest cost possible

Shipping Agency

Our experienced and professional staff ensure the most efficient turnaround of our clients’ ships during their port stay. We offer a proactive approach and, in the best interest of the ship and cargo owners, we see it as our duty to coordinate all necessary activities on their behalf, which includes maintaining close contact with authorities and all other parties involved.

We take pride in our unbeatable skills in designing, planning and implementing the requirements of our clients. GIS has a presence in all ports and terminals in Sudan, including: North Port Terminal, South Port Terminal, The Green Harbour Terminal, Al-Khair Petroleum Terminal, Osman Digna Port. This presence paired with the capabilities of our highly skilled staff makes GIS unmatched in the industry. Any kind of paperwork, including customs processes, will be handled with knowledge that spans decades and returned in the quickest time possible.


At Galal Ismail, making it happen for you is of supreme importance.

Key service attributes:

  • Trusted & reliable partner
  • Excellent relationship with authorities involved
  • Professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team
  • Quick turn around of vessels & cargo, ensuring operational efficiency
  • Constant connectivity with ship owners / operators & charterers
  • Expertise to handle container, Ro-Ro, tanker, break bulk, livestock, naval & cable vessels
  • Network of owned offices
  • Standardised services delivered always to exceed your expectations

Port Agency

Galal Ismail Shipping provides a series of port services on professional and very competitive basic, covering from supplies and crew transfers to customs documentation.

GIS offers a 24/7 Port Agency service, including constant information on every port call, along with local support, as well as arranging essential supplies, crew transfers, and customs documentation. Our local expertise ensures a smooth turnaround for your vessel.


Technology provides us with key information and updates, essential to operating in a global shipping market. Our cutting-edge systems are supported by experienced people with genuine local knowledge, helping to ensure quality service at every stage.


Our port agents will quietly and efficiently take care of all the regular routine tasks. They’ll ensure that essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation and waste declarations are all arranged without delay. They’ll provide you with updates and reports so you have up-to-date information that you can refer to at all times

As an experienced and well-resourced shipping agency in Sudan, GIS can not only pre-empt any potential issues, but has an established and streamlined process in place that resulted in our principals trusting us implicitly to look after their business.


There are three key stages involved in facilitating a vessel load in and out of Sudan. These are all the pre arrival requirements, what needs to be attended to while the vessel is in port, and important documentation and follow up after the vessel has departed the port.

Enquire about our port agency services in the planning stages of your shipment so we can provide the best advice. We’ve found from experience we are often able to provide helpful assistance in stages before you might think you need our services.

The following is a basic outline of what we will take care of for you under a Full Agency Appointment:


  1. Acknowledge the appointment with accurate estimated port costs, relevant port and berth information and the vessel’s expected schedule.
  2. Fully inform the Master of all requirements relating to Customs, port and terminal requirements.
  3. Ensure the vessel is ready for loading the required cargo, i.e. the holds are cleaned to required standards.
  4. Advise and update relevant parties of the vessels of the impending arrival; including Customs, port authorities, terminals and shippers.
  5. Prepare draft copies of all documents and forward for checking prior to the vessel’s arrival, to ensure no delays to the vessel.


  1. Attend the vessel upon berthing and ensure the Master, terminal and Stevedores, are all aware of the cargo and vessel requirements while in port.
  2. Provide daily updates of the vessel’s progress to all parties; including advice of any potential problems that may delay the vessel’s departure from the port.
  3. For vessels loading, ensure maximum cargo is loaded within the contract tolerance and ensure maximum drafts are attained by constant communication with the Port Authority and terminal.
  4. For vessels discharging, provide assistance with detailed planning of port / terminal rotation, to achieve optimum vessel turnaround attending pre-discharge survey with authorities when applicable, ensuring availability of original Bill of Lading or Letter of Indemnity (LOI) is passed to all parties for approval.
  5. Attend the vessel prior to departure, to ensure correct cargo has been loaded or discharged. Also ensure all documents are completed correctly and that the timesheet is accurate.


After the vessel has completed its port visit and departed port, we:

  1. Immediately email all loading documents in .pdf format
  2. Dispatch all loading documents by courier within two working days
  3. Send a complete cost estimate within two working days for the vessel’s port call
  4. Dispatch disbursement accounts with original invoices as soon as possible
  5. Ensure all contractors and service providers receive final payment on time
  6. Compile documents to Letter of Credit standards and present to bank, if required.

Protective Agency

We offer protective agency both for shipowners (OPA) and charterers/cargo owners (CPA), to supervise the counterparty’s agent throughout the port call. As protective agents we ensure that your interests are well taken care of.


This helps you avoid any conflict of interest that may arise with many stakeholders involved in a port call.

Having a protective agent representing you is most critical under these circumstances:

  • Unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the nominated agent
  • Uncharted territories
  • Complex governmental regime combined with high, non-transparent costs
  • Local regulations allows only State Agent

Offshore Services

We offer a complete range of first class ship supply services round the clock across the Sudanese ports. We provide warehousing facilities, in house clearance and forwarding, and transportations/logistical support to ensure supply services are delivered on time.


Our Offshore services department understands the difference supply of resources can make to your bottom line performance. Timeliness and reliability is directly proportional to your ultimate performance and here at Galal Ismail Shipping we operate round the clock supply services, with safety and efficiency, to ensure best performance.

Key Service Attributes

  • Trusted and reliable partner
  • Professional, well experienced and dedicated team
  • Excellent relations with all Port authorities and local vendors
  • Ability to offer customised solutions to each principal
  • High standards of local procurement powers and operational effectiveness
  • Resourceful supervision of costs and service levels
  • Flexibility to accommodate last minute changes in arrangements

Here are just some of the services we offer

    • Crew Changes
    • Visa Processing
    • E-Tickets
    • Hotel and Transport
    • Medical Support
    • CTM

    • Spares Delivery
    • Bunker Coordination
    • Supplies Coordination and Arrangement
    • Survey Arrangements
    • Launch Services
    • Certificates Renewal

    • Arrangement of Slops
    • Sludge and Garbage Disposal
    • Servicing of On Board Equipment
    • Minor Repairs Arrangements
    • Hull, Hold And Propeller Cleaning
    • .