Stevedoring Services

From the first point in the ship’s or ship’s hold to the first point on the quay or vice versa


Stevedore refers to the act of loading or offloading cargo to and/or from a ship. A person or company engaged in such act is known as a stevedore.


Stevedoring charges therefore are the charges incurred for discharging / unloading of goods from a ship hold to a quay / berth / wharf / pier or loading of goods to a ship hold from a quay / berth/wharf/pier including shifting of cargo onboard a ship without landing on quay, restow (landing the shifted cargo on a quay and re-shipping it back to the ship), opening and closing of Hatch covers or Pontoons, upon request.

Loading and unloading ships is specialized work. With a century worth of collective experience, we can say we are that specialist. Our personnel is expert and passionate; our equipment is state of the art. We focus on delivering quality, so that we are able to load and unload your products with great care and speed. We can even make up for time lost in preceding links of the chain. ‘Delay recovery’ means we try to close up the logistical chain so goods are delivered on time.


We handle a broad range of cargo, from break bulk to high and heavy and from project cargo to containers.

Our Value Added Services:

  • Labelling
  • Re(packing)
  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Reconditioning
  • Data management

Discharge and Loading of Goods

Handling various types of cargo we offer you different ways of its discharge and loading. Our logistics department provides wide specter of loading-discharge and rigging services, using up-to-date equipment.


At your service: loading-discharge and assembling-dismantling works with usage of load lifting facilities, lease of lifting-transporting facilities, and arrangement for interim motor transport parking.

Fixing in crates

Used when cargo needs additional lashing or protection as per client’s order and special agreement.

Tare repair

Small repair of cargo packing is available when re-packing is impossible for this or that reason.

Stickering or marking

We can use your stickers, apply stripe coding system or use nonstandard stickers for pallets’ marking.


The service is popular amongst those whose cargo arrives in scattered condition. Pallet accounting is much more convenient than accounting goods in boxes. Just submit your instructions to palletize your cargo and it will leave the warehouse as palletized as necessary.


Application of special tape to restore damaged pallet’s packing when transported, as well as to protect nonstandard cargo from mechanical damage during shipping.


The service is provided as per client’s request in case the initial packing has been damaged when transported or in order to pack the cargo lot in separate boxes not to ship it in scattered condition.