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Shipment By Sea

Container shipping – is shipping of goods using standard containers. It helps escape unnecessary in-between cargo re-loading to great extent on its way to consignee.

At present, container shipping is actual for many branches of industry, production and trade. This is one of the most convenient, safe and economically attractive way of goods delivery from abroad. Once you need to arrange same then Gala Ismail Shipping is at your service. Arranging your container shipping through us you are sure to get precise delivery terms observance, high level of safety and attractive payment conditions.

Container shipping with GIS is your confidence to have your cargo delivered to destination safe and intact!

Stages of our consideration when arranging a container shipping

  • elaboration of detailed delivery pattern;
  • prompt selection of transport;
  • guarantee of cargo integrity;
  • reasonable expenses;
  • short delivery terms.

Various options

  • for large cargo lots – container shipping of any volume on constant basis;
  • for small parcels – economical variant of container shipping as consolidated cargo;
  • for (extremely) far distance routs – “door-to-door” intermodal container shipping;
  • for complex routs – multimodal container shipping without goods’ re-loading.

Shipment By Rail

Shipment by rail is a pretty efficient way of freight shipping, as being comparatively cheap and used both in home and international logistics.


As a rail shipping expert in Sudan, we provide on-line service on goods’ movement tracking, securing your cargo safe and on time delivery.

Advantages of rail shipping

  • out-of-gauge cargo shipping possibility;
  • low rates;
  • availability of various types of rail transport (as requested);
  • freight delivery is practically independent of weather conditions (compared to shipping by sea or air);
  • minimal risk of cargo loss or damage;
  • scheduled time of arrival to destination.

Railway transport can afford carriage of any kind of goods

  • one-piece cargo carriage is effected in containers or closed cars with their mechanized or hand loading;
  • half-wagons, platforms or transporters are used for heavy or out-of-gauge cargo carriage;
  • half- wagons or dedicated rail transport facilities – to carry bulk or loose cargoes;
  • special purpose wagons – to carry motor cars or other special goods;
  • isolated wagons, thermos-wagons and other special wagons – to carry cargoes requiring observance of dedicated temperature mode.

Our service here also includes

  • transport documents’ formalization;
  • pre-carriage of a container to loading place;
  • re-loading client’s cargo at a station;
  • wagons and containers sealing;
  • railway tariff coverage;
  • cargo and wagons’ localization tracking en route;
  • cargo insurance;
  • working out and approval of the loading scheme;
  • delivery of cargo to owner warehouse when at the destination station.

We arrange safe and quick carriage of your cargo by rail with attractive rates granted!

Shipment By Road

Shipment by road is the most popular way of cargo delivery. The service is so popular through its comparatively cheap cost, especially for consolidated cargoes, safety and reliability, promptness and timeliness, controllability from the moment of loading at a warehouse up to discharge at a consignee’s warehouse at destination.

GIS is to easily and successfully solve such complicated task as arrangement of cargo shipping across Sudan by road. Our skilled staff along with usage of modern special equipment enables us to perform our work on the highest level possible. We have been working in the field of road shipping for many years, directing cargoes to many cities in Sudan.

As statistics show, about 70% of all the type of international shipping worldwide fall on shipments by road. The fact is a parcel could be so delivered to any convenient point: office, apartment, house or cottage. The cargo integrity level when transported by road is striving to maximum, as a result of packing correctness estimation at a cargo departure point. That allows retaining cargo intact even when transported over long distances by unchartered road.

GIS is to provide best business solutions and optimal conditions for time and cost effective freight shipping by road, observing contractual terms and technical safety norms to guarantee the integrity of your cargo.

The accompanying services provided are as follows:

  • freight forwarding;
  • papers formalization;
  • within- town goods’ delivery;
  • cargo insurance;
  • TIR, CMR declarations’ drawing up.

Airfreight Services

Freight delivery by air is the most effective and promptest way of various cargoes shipping to remote destinations. The priority field of the “Galal Ismail Shipping” activity is the airfreight shipping across Sudan.

Our active cooperation with logistics companies and major airports allows us to arrange airfreight deliveries in short terms and on attractive conditions for a client.

Peculiarities of airfreight shipping

  • Planes, like no other means of transport, make it possible to reach the remotest place in the world.
  • It takes you a relatively short period of time to cover large distances by air. A client may be sure that his cargo will be delivered in time.
  • Air transport is safe enough, as statistics show, road accidents happen much more frequently than those in the air.
  • Air transport is perfect for sensitive air freight vulnerable to shipping by road, humidity or impacts.

In case you need to ship your cargo to any destination of Sudan or abroad please feel free to apply to the “Galal Ismail Shipping” for professional support. We are to propose an optimal time and cost effective solution, taking all the shipping troubles off your hands.

Freight delivery by air with us means prompt delivery of any goods’ lot to destination!

Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal transportation is a kind of transportation where delivery of goods is conducted by several various modes of transport. In so doing, modes of transport are used in different combinations in accordance with a certain situation and assigned tasks.

Multimodal transportation is a kind of transportation where delivery of goods is conducted by several various modes of transport. In so doing, modes of transport are used in different combinations in accordance with a certain situation and assigned tasks.

Arrangement of multimodal transportation is a very serious issue which requires relevant knowledge, experience and professional competence.

Our company’s employees will develop for you the most optimum scheme of multimodal cargos transportation, they will be able to select the most efficient combination of different modes of transport with consideration of geographic location, delivery time, specifics of customs legislation of countries, your requirements and many other factors influencing successful conduction of multimodal cargos transportation.

Advantages of multimodal transportation are:

  • immediacy of goods delivery by combination of different types of transport (motor, marine, railway and air transport)
  • possibility to ensure access to the most remote parts of the world
  • efficiency in conditions of limited delivery time
  • minimization of logistic expenses of our clients